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Kinnelon Carnival
Kinnelon Carnival
August 7 - 10
Kinnelon, NJ
Location Information

Kinnelon Carnival Location

Kinnelon NJ
121 Kinnelon Rd
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

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Hours of Operation
Open 6-10pm Daily
Ride Ticket Info

Unlimited Ride Armband:

Presale through Tuesday, August 6 at 11:59pm
$40 pre-sale - use any one day!

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Event Policies
  • Every rider must have an unlimited ride wristband or tickets to go on a ride.

  • Riders must be 36” or taller to receive or purchase an unlimited ride wristband.

  • Unlimited ride wristbands are purchased one per person, wristbands are not to be shared. If caught sharing a wristband it will be confiscated.

  • If your wristband falls off please locate Campy’s pink Cotton Candy trailer to get a replacement.

  • Our ride heights vary from ride to ride but 36” is our minimum height requirement to ride on most rides. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • Some rides also have a maximum rider height. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • Some rides allow no single riders, there are no exceptions. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • The online sale *if offered* is a non-refundable sale. All sales are final and sold online only.

  • There are no refunds to inclement weather. We have the same access to the weather channel that you do, therefore please check the weather prior to purchasing.

  • Ticketing kiosk and online sales pricing is subject to change at anytime by management.

  • Daily closing times are subject to change usually based on crowd size and weather.

  • If any issues occur with magic money ticketing or wristband kiosks, wristbands, ticket cards or anything please locate Campy’s pink Cotton Candy trailer to find a resolution.

  • Harassment or misconduct of any sort will not be tolerated, Campy’s Amusements employees have to right to refuse service or have someone escorted from the property.

NOTE: Ride ticket amounts, rider restrictions, and event specials, hours, and general information is subject to change without notice.

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