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Leonia Sports Booster
Leonia Sports Booster
August 14 - 18
Leonia , NJ
Location Information

Leonia Sports Booster Location

Overpeck Park
500 Challenger Rd.
Leonia , NJ 07605

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Magic Money Digital Ticketing
Magic Money

This Event Uses Magic Money, our digital ticketing app!

Magic Money

Buying tickets at The Leonia Sports Booster has never been so easy! At this event, we will be using Magic Money to sell tickets through the Magic Money App and automated Kiosks on the midway!

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  1. On-site purchases

    Visit one of our Magic Money Kiosks and load credits onto a card or purchase a ride wrisrband.

  1. USE the Magic Money App

    Get Started Today!

  1. Download the Magic Money APP

    Download the Magic Money App onto your smartphone at the Apple Store or Google Play Store before you head to the event

    App StoreGoogle Play
  2. Purchase Credits

    Load your credits directly to your phone. Please note, each ride takes multiple credits.

  3. Use your phone as your ticket

    Take your phone directly to the rides on the midway and enjoy your visit!

Hours of Operation
Open Daily
Wednesday - Friday: 6-10pm 
Saturday & Sunday: 2-10pm
Ride Ticket Info

Unlimited Ride Wristbands:
Presale through August 13th at Midnight:  
$40 per person, per day

Armbands will be available at the event for $45

Unlimited Ride Wristbands are valid for 4 hours
Unlimited Ride Wristbands are one per person and non-transferable. 
Unlimited Ride Wristbands must be on your wrist to be valid. 

***Must be 36" or taller to recieve a wristband***
***Please Check ALL Height Requirements Prior to Purchasing***

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Event Policies
  • Every rider must have an unlimited ride wristband or tickets to go on a ride.

  • Riders must be 36” or taller to receive or purchase an unlimited ride wristband.

  • Unlimited ride wristbands are purchased one per person, wristbands are not to be shared. If caught sharing a wristband it will be confiscated.

  • If your wristband falls off please locate Campy’s pink Cotton Candy trailer to get a replacement.

  • Our ride heights vary from ride to ride but 36” is our minimum height requirement to ride on most rides. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • Some rides also have a maximum rider height. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • Some rides allow no single riders, there are no exceptions. See Rides and Attractions page for details.

  • The online sale *if offered* is a non-refundable sale. All sales are final and sold online only.

  • There are no refunds to inclement weather. We have the same access to the weather channel that you do, therefore please check the weather prior to purchasing.

  • Ticketing kiosk and online sales pricing is subject to change at anytime by management.

  • Daily closing times are subject to change usually based on crowd size and weather.

  • If any issues occur with magic money ticketing or wristband kiosks, wristbands, ticket cards or anything please locate Campy’s pink Cotton Candy trailer to find a resolution.

  • Harassment or misconduct of any sort will not be tolerated, Campy’s Amusements employees have to right to refuse service or have someone escorted from the property.

NOTE: Ride ticket amounts, rider restrictions, and event specials, hours, and general information is subject to change without notice.

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