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Campy's Amusements History

It all started in 1969....

Roco CampanelloCampy's Amusements is one of New Jersey's finest family-owned mobile amusement companies. We take pride in what we do and that reflects on our company. We are now in our 4th generation providing fun for all to our patrons. Campy's Amusements owns and operates 25 mobile amusement rides and offer over 18 games of chance stocked with the hottest prizes on the market.

Campy's mostly partners with non-profit organization such as fire departments, schools, churches and more to help raise money for their organization. Other than non-profit organization's fundraising events we also do County Fairs such as the Ocean County Fair and Monmouth County Fair. Our operating season begins in April and runs until the end of October. Almost every week we fully assemble and disassemble our entire show and move from town to town providing a fun event to the communities. Since our operating season is seven months long, in the remaining months our equipment is thoroughly maintained by a rigorous maintenance schedule that allows us to improve the service of our rides. Due to the large number of mobile amusement companies and large theme parks in New Jersey, ours is a competitive market. This is fortunate for fair and carnival sponsors as well as their guests because such competition as well as one of the finest state inspection programs in the nation had forced everyone in our industry to provide only the best for everyone on the midway.

Campy's Amusements Campy's Amusements  Campy's Amusements Campy's Amusements

Third generation owners, Keith Campanello and sister, Karyn Pampanin grew up with the family business. In 1969, Campy's Amusements was established by Keith and Karyn's grandfather, Rocco Campanello.  Rocco started the company with a vision to provide safe and clean entertainment to families attending local festivals, fairs, and fundraisers. The company's strong values contributed to its success and helped them expand quickly. In 1972, Rocco's son Robert took over at the helm and in 1976 his wife, Ann, began operating the company. Today, Campy's Amusements is operated by Robert and Ann's children, Keith and Karyn, along with Karyn's husband, Paul and their children Alyssa and Elizabeth. Together, they continue to operate the company with the same core values established by Rocco and are set to take the company to new heights in the industry of providing fun!

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