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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost anything to have amusement rides, games and food at a event?

Very little. In fact , your organization stands to gain substantially by sponsoring a festival or carnival. Campy's Amusements will pay your organization a percentage of the gross rides ticket sales and a percentage for games. Your only expense might be for security, restrooms, and refuge containers.

Does Campy's Amusements provide its own insurance?

Yes. It is a state law to carry midway liability insurance. New Jersey inspectors will not even process an annual permit without proof of adequate insurance coverage. Campy's Amusements carries liability insurance which surpasses the state minimum requirements and provides each of our sponsors with a certificate of such coverage naming the sponsor as additional insured.

Does Campy's provide its own electricity for their equipment?

Yes. We have three mobile generators capable of supplying 800 kilowatts of power combined. We also have one of the most modern electrical distribution systems in the industry which meets the latest version of the (NEC) National Electric Code.

How far in advance does Campy's Amusements schedule for events?

Our schedule consists of a great number of carnivals and fairs with long-term agreements. Therefore, our schedule changes very little from year to year. However, there are often available weeks during the season due to calendar changes. If you would like us to consider your event, please contact us as soon as possible. Our schedule is normally completed before the first of the year.

Does Campy's Amusements provide all the necessary labor?

Yes. We provide the labor required to assemble, operate, and dismantle all equipment we supply. The only exception might be our request that your organization provide ticket sellers and adequate staff to operate games.
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