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Marketing Information

One of the key components to a successful event is an effective marketing plan.   Campy's Amusements has years of experience at marketing special events.  Some of our most successful promotions include:

  • Pay One Price:  Guests pay a flat rate to ride as many rides as they want during a specified time.  Pay One Price promotions not only offer guests a terrific value, but also encourages spending throughout the event on food, games, and other novelties.
  • Wrist BandsMega Band:  Guests pay a flat rate to ride as many rides as they want for the entire duration of the festival.  During the past few years, our Mega Band promotion has become much more popular.  Typically, mega bands are sold at a discounted rate prior to the events start.  This not only gives the customer a extreme value but also encourages additional spending when they arrive at the event.  In some cases, pre-sales tap into multiple pay checks leading to a increase in per-capita spending at the event.
  • Buddy Night:  Buddy night is a fun promotion that allows a pair of guests buy one get one free ride promotions.  Basically, in a group of two, one person pays to ride and the second gets on for free! 
  • Coupons:  Coupons are often distributed prior to the event's opening to help pass on additional savings to the customer.  Coupons are often distributed at local merchants which helps drive traffic to those retail outlets.   

  • Internet Presales:  In 2014 we initiated a online presale program.  Customers have the ability to purchase discounted, pre-sale ride armbands and mega bands off our web site for select events.  Customers purchase their tickets online and print a voucher which they present at our ticket booth.  Vouchers are scanned for validity and the customer is given his or her armband/mega pass.
     ATM Machine  

To help distribute extra cash on the midway, Campy's Amusements provides all of its events with Automated Teller Machines (ATM's).  Our ATM machines service any valid bank or credit card with minimal transaction fees.  Our ticket boxes are also equipped with credit card terminals accepting Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.

Contact a Campy's Amusements event counselor for more information on adding one of our special promotions to help make your event a bigger success!

Visa, Mastercard, Discover

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